Havikoro crew & film documentary




Coming Fall of 2015


A musicultural event based on hip-hop, live music, and street dance. The evening will feature the world premiere of “We All Fall Up”, a documentary short film about the legendary “Havikoro” B-Boy Crew from Houston, Texas and will be narrated by renowned Texas rapper and Rice University professor, Bun-B. The accompanying event will also be filmed live and become a part of the “We All Fall Up” final retail package. After the screening, the audience will experience the world-premiere performance of “Freedom of Movement”, a conceptual musical collaboration between the Havikoro dancers and the acclaimed Houston Latin/Funk/Jazz & Fusion band, Free Radicals. Guests will also enjoy a showcase of up-and-coming Artists and Musicians that has been curated by the original members of Havikoro. Finally, guests will be treated to the sounds of Eureka the Butcher (Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta & Zechs Marquise), and classic hip hop group, Pharcyde. Likely to be one of the unforgettable experiences of SXSW 2015.


Proceeds raised from silent auctions will be donated to BreakFree Community Center, a non-profit organization established in 2011 to create life changing Hip Hop art programs aimed at reaching at-risk youth in a positive manner.


“WOW! I just looked up the clip…You guys are INSANE!! Please, please, please come to Austin!”

Carrie Foster, Casting Producer, America's Best Dance Crew, Season 3


It started in Houston, Texas…A brainstorming session created a crew called
K.O.R.O., Knights of Rhythm Odyssey. Mario and Blas speak it into reality.

Usual suspects on suspect streets introduced others, a scrapper named Sergio,
an innovator named Ricky and Shadow, a guy whose feet I have yet to see touch
the ground. The foundation was Hip Hop, House and Jazz.

Jazz men where jazz lived in no ones vocabulary. Music was the movement,
expression was the goal. Not knowing words like legacy, tradition, longevity they
danced because that is all they had.

On the other side of town, at risk kids create in the risky environments. Young kids,
wet behind the ears who only had an ear for the breaks. They create on unforgiving
floors, their name tough like their neighborhoods, HAVIK they say…
Having A Vicious Indestructible Krew, powerful kids with movement that shook
neighborhoods who are suppose to only work and are not suppose to see nothing.

Innovators who have yet to know the importance of the word. Running parallel for years
created them competitors, meeting point a brotherhood. A simple idea of competition,
and generic second hand education.

It was in Cali, the Freestyle Session, The U.S. Out For Fame tour, the countless BBOY
cities. The invite to Battle of the Year. Germany where the world got to meet the gunslingers
from Texas that have never used the term cowboy.

Havikoro crew a HIP HOP household name like detergent, with a dirty style that hums,
so fresh and so clean, clean. The boys from the home of DRAPED OUT and DRIPPED OUT
stumbled into something bigger. When your country calls you to represent the stars and stripes
on an artistic level, We become that - The American Rebel.

We rambled on, from spot to spot leaving marks in countries who can only lift up thumbs
and peace signs and shout out HK! OK! And it was in Mexico, India, Guatemala, Nicaragua,
Asia, Europe and so on and so on, where we interpreted those poems.

Boys who created jazz men personas who eventually became knights, Created something new…
A perspective on family, broken boys from broken homes who were never suppose to Break Out!

This is just a story, a story of a collection of once upon of times that were never suppose to meet.
A story of a world to big to see and boys who were never suppose to see it, let alone change it.

A brotherhood who throws lefties and have always had an awkward stance, Havikoro they say…
Havikoro Crew we are.


Video and photography of Havikoro's adventures around the world.

Havikoro in Vietnam!
Havikoro Showcase in India!
Department of State
Robot Agency
Killem Collective
  • Your visit was a great success reaching over 2,500 Nicaraguans with your innovative dance, dynamic talks and contagious energy in the cities of Somoto, Esteli, Bluefields, and Managua. I appreciate your dedication to promoting greater understanding of U.S. culture through hip hop and commitment to engaging at-risk youth through positive life messages.

    Robert J. Callahan, Ambassador, Embassy for the United States of America, Managua, Nicaragua
  • You guys absolutely rocked it… we were all floored, man. Seriously, that was a HUGE highlight. Cannot thank you enough for participating and organizing the guys.

    Tim deSilva, Project Coordinator for TEDx, Houston